burrata boy reviewing pasta one bowl at a time

Introducing burrata boy

Hey there! My name is Rushir and I’ve had a fascination with pasta for a long time. The different shapes, the taste of sauces and cheese, the firmness of the noodles. So many things have to come together to form the perfect bowl of pasta. But, to have a good dining experience, not only does the food have to be good; the ambiance does as well, as does the service quality, and so on.

For a while now I’ve been a fan of The Infatuation—a review site where writers offer their opinion on where you should eat. This site is essentially the same. Here, I offer you my opinion on where and what to eat.

But, before we go further you have to understand the criteria by which I judge my food. At first the criteria won’t be perfect (and feel free to email me if you have thoughts!), but for now we’ll use the rating criteria below.

Rating criteria

  • Taste
  • Consistency
  • Service
  • Ambiance
  • Price
  • Creativity (bonus!)

What’s next?

Over the next several days I’ll be writing up a few reviews of some restaurants I’ve had the pleasure of eating at in New York. Be on the lookout for reviews of: L’Artusi, Pasquale Jones, and Maialino.

Thanks for reading!